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How Do You Use Your Bullet Journal?

The Bullet Journal is a new trend this year- and for a good reason! The possibilities are endless with pages about cleaning, daily routines, mood trackers, work productivity and more available. The Bullet Journal, according to Ryder Carroll, the inventor, started out as a way "to help you track the past, organize the present, and plan for the future." With all of those doors open, it's easy to get overwhelmed.

Much like the majority of people, the thought of organizing the jumbled life I lead is pretty daunting. This year my unofficial resolution was to take better care of myself. It's a vague concept which makes it easier to stick with. I have, successfully for the last few years, used it and started heading towards a better lifestyle. It doesn't just mean "work out everyday and eat better!" The resolution follows all the little choices I make on a daily basis. It means going outside in lovely weather, taking work with you if needed. It could also be that silent praise you allow yourself when the chips are put back on the shelf as you snatch a healthier alternative. Maybe you took ten minutes to open the windows and air out the house, or pulled yourself off the couch for a quick walk or exercise. 
My journal is being modeled after this expansive resolution and a large part of that is learning to appreciate the simple things, with gratitude. After all, what's going on inside the brain box is important, for better wellness.
Some of my pages include my favorite diffuser blends. They are so handy to reference and  perfect for days you're stuck at home.  
One of my most recent entries is songs I sing-loudly- in the car. This one is not only fun, but essential, because I want to teach my family the pureness of singing and how it can lift bad moods away, and create memories. 
Quotes that inspire and uplift are found frequently through the pages. I often need those reminders, remembering that changing my perspective can change what's happening around me.
The most memorable pages in my bullet journal is about mindfulness. Small ways of being mindful throughout your daily routine is incredibly significant in the bigger picture.
Once you have the content, the fun part comes along. Creativity! You can doodle, color and basically beautify anything you put in it, your mind is your limit!
Happy Journaling! -Chelsea K.
A Tip: Set your child up with a journal- it's a great way for them to put their feelings on paper with written techniques to work through those emotions!