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Loan Opportunities for Area Businesses!

Restart Thomas County Loan Fund Offers High-Impact, Low-Cost Way to Boost Business

A new Restart Thomas County Loan Fund offers donors a high-value, low-cost chance to help local businesses restart after the Covid-19 shutdown. Contributors get a 75-percent state tax credit. Sixty percent goes to the local fund, 40 percent to boost entrepreneurship and businesses across Kansas.

That means a $100 donation costs $25 and provides $60 in loans; a $10,000 donation costs $2,500 and provides $6,000 in loans.

“If they’re looking for a way to help businesses in Thomas County, they’re not going to find anything that’s going to have more impact,” says Vernon Hurd, executive director of the Thomas County Economic Development Alliance. “Businesses are hurting.”


Colby United Methodist Church Volunteers

The Colby United Methodist Church is offering anyone not able to pick up their RX from Walmart or Dillons to call the church at 460-2761. Palace Drug does offer curbside and delivery services.

Any well and able persons who are interested in placing their name on a volunteer master list, please contact Kim Barnett at the Colby United Methodist Church. Any group needing volunteers, please contact her as well. Call the church at 460-2761.


"Mom, I'm Bored!"- New Links Added!

Have you been hearing those three little words recently? It's one of those phrases I am determined to hear only a handful of times as my kiddo grows. Crazy enough, it's working! I always have ideas filed away in the brain box should she dare come and tell me, "Mom, I'm bored!" If worst comes to worst (and she doesn't like any of my ideas), I tell her she can go help me clean the sink, do some laundry, or dust. Then she runs away in the other direction pretty quickly to find something to occupy herself. 
It's important that I have ideas that either require her to spend time alone, or activities I can join in on. It usually ends up with me offering her a solo activity with the promise that we can do something together when I've finished working, cooking, whatever. I call it the curse of the only child.
If you're looking for ideas for your children without your help, try these!:


Colby Chamber Picture/Logo Contest

The Colby/Thomas County Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Picture or Logo Contest for the Thomas County residents. Kids can submit a picture or drawing that captures the Chamber of Commerce and it's mission statement. Kid submission can be photos or drawings/artwork on a standard 8.5"x11". Adults can submit a logo design that includes a palm tree and "Colby/Thomas County Chamber of Commerce". Logo specifications recommended for submission - 300 dpi, square and rectangular options, Font: san serif, no more than two colors, and include a palm tree. Looking for simple, contemporary design. For inspiration and information about the Chamber, head to