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Atwood Public Library: Summer Schedule!

Tails and Tales: Summer Reading Program begins May 19, 2021! This is the day you can start logging minutes/titles on the Reader Zone App or on a paper log (pick up at the library). This will continue through July 31st and all prizes will need to be picked up by that date.

*Note: All grades listed are for those your child has just completed.

Preschoolers: We will have our summer bookworm. Keep track of titles read (pick up form at the library), bring them in and we will add them to our bookworm. Each 10 titles earns you a baggie of gummy worms for a sweet treat!

Kindergarten-2nd Grade: Read a total of 500 minutes during the time duration. After the first 100 minutes, stop in for Prize #1. After 250 minutes stop in for Prize #2, and after you complete the 500 minute goal stop in for Prize #3. If using the Reader Zone App, it will tell you when to come in.