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Notice 2.15.21

 From Thomas County Emergency Management:  please stay inside and stay warm!

Southwest Power Pool has upgraded to an Energy Emergency Alert Level 3 within the State of Kansas. What this means is that Energy Providers can utilize controlled service interruptions.  These interruptions will effect the whole state and will last roughly 30-60 minutes. Thomas County will get little to no warning when these interruptions will happen. 

Please take precautions before the outage if it takes place. Thomas County Emergency Management is working with community leaders to get a plan set up warming stations through Thomas County. 

City of Brewster will utilize the Brewster Fire Station.

City of Rexford will utilize the Community Church.

City of Colby will utilize the Emergency Mngt Building.

City of Menlo will utilize the Menlo Fire Station. 

Please check for updates and additional information.