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Department of Labor Information


Individual Filing for Unemployment Insurance Benefits
Unemployment insurance benefits may be available to individuals who are involuntarily
unemployed as a result of COVID-19. The amount of the benefit will vary based upon
the amount of money that the individual has previously earned, but will be between
$122 and $488 per week. At this time, individuals can receive up to a maximum of
16 weeks of benefits.You can view video tutorials on the application process, what
to do after filing an initial claim, and more at

To file for unemployment insurance benefits, visit, and click on the button at the top of the page titled EASY.FAST.SECURE. 

Wage and Hour Questions
The USDOL Wage and Hour Division provides information on common issues employers
and employees may face when responding in responding to COVID-19 as they relate to
the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act at