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Make a Goal to Stay Positive

News is always at our fingertips, and it moves quickly! With the amount of information being thrust at us, it's easy to become overwhelmed and drop into a negative mindset, especially if we're stuck at home. 
Behold! A list of ways to retain positivity:
  • Look up uplifting and inspiring quotes
    -Bonus: Research the amazing people behind the quotes.
  • Bake Something, bread or sweets, your family will thank you!
    -Try this amazing banana bread recipe.
  • Go outside and breathe the fresh air. If it's too cold or hot, just open the windows for ten minutes to let it circulate!
  • Drink Water. Seriously. Just do it. Dehydration causes anger, fear and fatigue.
  • Push the STOP button when negative thoughts creep in- it's easy to fall down that rabbit hole and dwell. Recognize and stop those thoughts in their tracks and throw in a positive. It's amazing how many more will follow, unprovoked.
  • Listen to music. Find the sounds that are so happy, you are unable to keep the negative mindset.
  • Grab a coloring book and lose yourself in the sweet nothing of coloring. Then you have a pretty picture for your fridge!
  • Exercise! Take a walk. It has an amazing ability to clear your mind. (Just practice social distancing)
  • Take on a project- big or small- that's been weighing down your to-do list.
  • Practice Gratitude. It's as easy as saying thank you.
Tips From Friends:
  • Write Letters! Send a letter to your grandparents. Write a thank you card (even an old leftover valentines) to your teacher. Anyone! It will make their day.
  • Clean or organize shelves, drawers, pantry, etc.- it's proven that cleaning up the clutter creates a positive attitude.
  • Tap into your creativity- do a puzzle, journal, paint, draw... the options are endless.
  • Read a book! Better yet, read to learn something new.
What are some of your favorite ways to stay positive? We can add it to the list! E-mail us at 
Remember, we aren't always able to spend this much time with family, so make sure you enjoy it to the fullest! Put down your phone once in awhile 😉. Stay positive, friends.
~Chelsea K
(Photo Credit: Courtney Kinnett)