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"Mom, I'm Bored!"- New Links Added!

Have you been hearing those three little words recently? It's one of those phrases I am determined to hear only a handful of times as my kiddo grows. Crazy enough, it's working! I always have ideas filed away in the brain box should she dare come and tell me, "Mom, I'm bored!" If worst comes to worst (and she doesn't like any of my ideas), I tell her she can go help me clean the sink, do some laundry, or dust. Then she runs away in the other direction pretty quickly to find something to occupy herself. 
It's important that I have ideas that either require her to spend time alone, or activities I can join in on. It usually ends up with me offering her a solo activity with the promise that we can do something together when I've finished working, cooking, whatever. I call it the curse of the only child.
If you're looking for ideas for your children without your help, try these!:

  • Yoga- there are free yoga videos just for kids online! Stream it to your TV
  • Ask your child to build a specific item with lego (or draw a picture if you don't have lego)
    -examples can be a tower, a bridge, hair salon, etc. You can also have them re-create a scene out of their favorite book.
  • Have them start a bullet journal, or a scrapbook of memories. Now is a wonderful opportunity to have them start a daily log showing how stay-at-home time was spent!
  • Make screen time beneficial to learning
    -There are a ton of free sites and apps that offer fun learning tools with games!
  • Write their own story, then illustrate it!
  • Nature Scavenger Hunt: Have your child make a list or find one online!
If you're looking for ideas for your children that they can do by themselves or with you, try these!:
  • Build a blanket fort
    -My sister and I always managed on our own, but it was So Fun when a parent stepped in and made it bigger than we could imagine!
  • Play-Dough! Need I say more?
  • A puppet show
    -Use paper bags, socks or even stuffed animals. Have them practice and then put on a show for you!
  • Dance party!
    -Take turns picking out songs. Bonus: Choreograph a dance together.
If you're looking for ideas that require your help, try these!:
More Ideas! Just click on the link:
Do you have more ideas to share? E-mail and I'll put it on the list! 
Enjoy the family time, friends! ~Chelsea K

(Photo Credit: Courtney Kinnett)