Prairie Museum of Art and History Events

Smithsonian Institute & Humanities Kansas present:  Crossroads: Change in Rural America 

What past events and decisions still have an impact on our communities today?  How can we prepare for the challenges and opportunities coming down the  road in the next 20 years?  

Join us as we explore these questions and more at the Prairie Museum of Art and History.  

~Thursday, May 6 at 5:30 pm: Challenges and Opportunities. Panel discussion  with Seth Carter, CCC president; Tyson McGreer, Colby City Manager; and Greg  Unruh, CEO at Citizens Medical Center.  

~Sunday, May 23 at 4:00 pm: Reframing Rural. Panel discussion with Jacque  Beckman, Nex-Generation Roundup for Youth; Erin Mathews, Dane Hansen  Foundation on promoting northwest Kansas as a place of opportunity.  

~Thursday, May 27 at 5:30 pm: Water, Energy & Rural Kansas. Former head of  KS Geological survey Rex Buchanan will discuss this topic. Program made  possible by Humanities Kansas. 

Smithsonian Institution