Spring is here, schools are closed and more people are at home due to the CVOID-19 response. Getting outside to get exercise is perfect but be safe doing it.
· Walk on sidewalks whenever possible
· If you are walking on the road, walk facing traffic as far from the traffic as you can get.
· Cross streets at crosswalks of intersections.
· Assume drivers cannot see you
· Wear bright reflective clothing



Press Release: House Focuses on Ensuring Stability for Schools, Courts and Core Services


Topeka, KS—Speaker Ron Ryckman (R-Olathe), Majority Leader Dan Hawkins (R-Wichita), and Speaker Pro Tem Blaine Finch (R-Ottawa) issued the following joint statement:

Time and again in history Kansans have responded to challenging times with perseverance and resiliency. The people of our state continue to do so day in and day out as we deal with the arrival of coronavirus in Kansas and the measured efforts to slow its spread. 

Today it was announced that the Kansas Department of Education after consultation with superintendents across the state has taken the step of recommending a pausing of the school year for one week in order to develop a plan to keep our children, teachers and communities safe. This reasonable precaution to stop the spread of the virus will present new challenges, but we are up to the task. Schools may resume in a week or safety and prudence may require they stay paused longer. 

Either way, the Kansas House stands ready to assist our other branches of government, state agencies and educational institutions to continue to serve citizens in those ways that will be most effective. To that end, the House is directing its efforts in the following areas:

  • Passing a base budget to provide stability to the core functions of government. Conferees from the House Appropriations committee are prepared to immediately begin meeting with their Senate counterparts to prepare a budget that will ensure the state has the resources necessary to address COVID-19 and continue other necessary core operations. The House is ready to run the budget as soon as it is passed out by conferees on Monday.

  • Working with the Judicial branch to ensure that measures are taken to keep our streets safe, protect constitutional rights and make sure no citizen loses the benefit of our court system if there is an interruption in judicial operations.

  • Coordinating with the Kansas State Board of Education to provide the resources and flexibility needed to address school closures. And consider permissive legislation to allow schools to continue to support their communities through alternative lunch programs and any other supports local leaders may decide would help in their districts.

As elected leaders, the first and only priority at this time is the health and safety of the citizens of Kansas. Our people come before partisanship and politics. We will continue to all pull together in this shared purpose.