Spring is here, schools are closed and more people are at home due to the CVOID-19 response. Getting outside to get exercise is perfect but be safe doing it.
· Walk on sidewalks whenever possible
· If you are walking on the road, walk facing traffic as far from the traffic as you can get.
· Cross streets at crosswalks of intersections.
· Assume drivers cannot see you
· Wear bright reflective clothing



COVID-19 Update for Kansas (March 21st)

Situation Overview • This document is updated every afternoon and available on www.kdheks.gov/coronavirus.

2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Kansas Test Results Updated 3/21/20 at 10 a.m. 

  • Total Positive Cases 55 
  • Private Labs 24 
  • Kansas Health and Environmental Lab 31 
  • Deaths (included in above numbers)  Johnson and Wyandotte 2 
  • Out-of-State Resident Positive Cases (not counted in Kansas numbers) 2 
Positive Cases By County: 
  • Butler County- 2 
  • Linn County- 1 
  • Cherokee County- 1 
  • Mitchell County- 1 
  • Douglas County- 1 
  • Morris County- 2 
  • Franklin- 1 
  • Reno County- 1 
  • Jackson County- 1 
  • Riley County- 1 
  • Johnson County- 25 
  • Sedgwick- 1 
  • Leavenworth County- 4 
  • Wyandotte- 13 

* Ford and Miami Counties reported positive cases in out-of-state residents. Numbers included in cases home states. 2 

KDHE has created a toolkit of Kansas-specific guidance to help local public health departments engage with their community partners on COVID-19 planning. It can be found on the KDHE website: www.kdheks.gov/coronavirus. New information is added daily.
For more information: www.kdheks.gov/coronavirus