Tootsie Roll Drive


Governor Jeff Colyer M. D. has designated October 12, 13, and 14 as Helping People
With Intellectual Disability Days in conjunction with the Knights of Columbus Annual
Tootsie Roll Fund Drive. On these days, members of the Kansas Knights of Columbus
will be positioned in front of banks, stores and churches handing out “Specially Marked”
Tootsie Rolls while seeking donations for people with intellectual disabilities.
Of the proceeds, 80% is returned to local Knights of Columbus Councils to be donated to
institutions that aid persons with intellectual disabilities of the Council’s choice. The
remaining 20% is used by the State Council of the Knights of Columbus to sponsor the
Special Olympics Basketball Tournaments and Cheerleading competition held at Fort
Hays State University this coming spring, and in Topeka at Washburn Rural High
School, for religious education of people with intellectual disabilities.
In recognizing that intellectual disabilities has no boundaries of race, religion, or social
status, the Knights of Columbus across the state of Kansas have donated many hours of
their time and energy to help those special citizens and they would like to express their
sincere gratitude to you for all your past donations and encourage your continued support.
When you see these Knights of Columbus members in their bright yellow and red aprons
on October 12, 13 and 14, please share your generosity so aid may continue to be given.
If a Knights of Columbus member does not contact you, donations may also be sent to
the local Knights of Columbus Council. Make checks payable to Tootsie Roll Program
Fund and send them to:
Todd R. Bachamp - Treasurer
14420 S. Cottonwood Dr.
Olathe KS 66062

Your donations are tax deductible.